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Lea Michele arriving at Glee set in NYC today.

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New pictures of Lea at her signing session today in L.A

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 Lea Michele promotes her album “Louder” at The Grove in LA (March 8, 2014)

+ http://leamichele.com.br/galeria/thumbnails.php?album=869

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Lea leaving a gym today (x)

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Lea arriving from New York at LAX Airport


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                                   the loving lea loudly project

hey there, leanatics! as you all know, today was the release of lea michele’s debut album, louder. you might also know that lea is doing a few album signings on the east and west coasts - but so far, it seems that they will only be at those five locations. i am lucky enough to be near one of those, and i have the amazing opportunity of attending a signing - but i know how difficult it can be to do so, and i realize that a lot of you are avid fans but will not have that chance to meet her. 

but you all still love lea - and you want to show it, right? well, i’m hoping to help you all with that. since i will be attending the event, i thought that it would be fun to present lea with a scrapbook containing your thoughts, kind words, and reactions to her album - or to her body of work in general. everyone is invited to participate, no matter where you are in the world or whether or not you are attending an event, and this will go right into lea’s hands. so, what do we do, you’re talking too much! 


  • please submit something showing your loud love for lea - whether that be a scan of a handwritten note, a picture of yourself holding the album, a few words on how she has inspired you, etc. each entry will probably take a whole page, but depending on how many submissions i receive, there may be two to four entries on one page.
  • please make all image submissions a 1x1 (square) image. text or graphics (especially those with light backgrounds as opposed to black backgrounds) are preferred, as they use up less ink. if you make a handwritten note and scan it or take a picture of it, please try to make sure it’s legible. 
  • if you don’t want to use a picture or submit a graphic or drawing, you can just send the text in the body of your e-mail. if you only send text, please keep your message less than 150 words. your text will be printed and placed on cardstock/decorated like the other pages. 
  • please, please do not include anything that is hurtful or critical. if you mention cory, please do not say anything negative - we want to show lea our love and support for her amazing album and show her proud we are of her - we do not want to give her something that might hurt her.
  • ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD INCLUDE: your name (first name, last is optional), your location (optional), and your social network account (tumblr/twitter/etc). you can include your age and other information if you would like to include it but please do not send your address or any sensitive information. 
  • submit your entry to lovinglealoudly@gmail.com by friday, march 7th 2014 at 11pm PST. (i realize that this is short notice, but i just got confirmation that i would be attending the event this morning)


  • Please send any questions to my tumblr here, or to the project’s tumblr here. You can also tweet questions to the project’s twitter here
  • If you post anything about your piece as you’re making it, feel welcome to tag it with #lovingleaproject here on tumblr or on twitter or instagram, so others can see what you’re working with.

thank you so much, and please please reblog this so as many people can get involved as possible! this is very short notice, so if this can spread quick more people might have the opportunity to be involved in this. i will also tweet about it so people can spread the word there - and please, don’t tweet lea about this, i want to keep it a secret so she can be surprised! good luck, and thanks for your cooperation. 

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Lea holding a Marie Claire magazine with Kristen Stewart on the cover!

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Lea showing some leg on the Glee set

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